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AutoRequests - How do I send people requests to complete a testimonial

AutoRequests automatically request reviews from customers via email and SMS

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Can we determine which pdf templates can be accessed by certain membership levels?

Yes, our Member Dashboard Customizer lets you create elements which can be loaded onto the dashboard for specific membership levels and in a specific location of the page.

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Do the DirectoryPopup forms provide integrations with e-marketing platforms?

Yes, we provide direct integrations with over 30 popular e-marketing platforms, including MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Platformly, GetResponse, and many others. Also we provide integration with Zapier, which offers further integration with more than 2000 apps.

Does DirectoryImport come with the Google/Yelp image import?

No, this is a separate service called DirectoryPhotos that integrates with the listing creator but is a separate service.

How do I create a client invoicing/project account?

A Client account is useful for primary Clients, where you can save, view and comment on your Invoices, Estimates and Proposals, as well as collaborate on any Projects you've been invited to. You can also use your Client account to save your payment information safely, making it easy to pay future Invoices. You will have an opportunity to create an account from any Invoice you receive from us.

How do I embed content from DirectoryKnowledgbase into my own website or app?

You can easily embed content from DirectoryKnowledgebase into your existing website, app, product or online service with just a few lines of code.

How do I update the plugin?

In general you plugin will auto update with the latest code and bug fixes automatically.

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How do I use DirectoryKnowledgebase with my own domain or sub-domain?

You can use your own domain or sub-domain with DirectoryKnowledgebase! There is no extra cost for doing this. To set this up go to the Settings Section then Custom Domains. Enter your custom domain and you will be given instructions on how to verify domain control/ownership and set up your DNS. We can host on SSL too and we'll automatically generate a secure certificate for you.

How do we grant access to our Brilliant Directories admin?

How-to Video: https://marketing.dubb.com/v/v2ccXy

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