Why do my Yelp reviews not have authors?

Yelp authors must be added with the DirectoryPhotos plugin add-on from the front end per listing since the author is not included in the bulk upload API response for Yelp from the bulk scraping tool..

What are the configurations for DirectoryImport?

DirectoryImport has many configurations to preset items for import so you do not have to enter them for each listing and allows settings to reduce API calls if desired based on your specific needs. Read more to find out about each one.

My site is highly customized will the DirectoryPhotos and DirectoryImport still work?

Our code uses dynamic queries which means that no matter how customized the system is the correct columns get filled, so you should be fine.

Does DirectoryImport come with the Google/Yelp image import?

No, this is a separate service called DirectoryPhotos that integrates with the listing creator but is a separate service.