Why do my Yelp reviews not have authors?

The DirectoryImport tool uses Outscraper to import its data. Their data feed does not have the author for Yelp reviews included like it does for Google reviews. While we have a Yelp API connection, this API key is used to acquire the Yelp business ID only to use with Outscraper to pinpoint and import the reviews in bulk. So while the author is available from the Yelp API directly, the import tool uses an extreme amount of requests in short bursts to allow bulk loading of data. Having the Yelp API involved with this pull would trigger an issue with the Yelp API so we can’t use the Yelp APIs on the import tool to grab the author during that bulk upload process. If the author is still desired/required for the Yelp Reviews, we have made a tweak so that the reviews are loaded from Yelp instead of Outscraper on the front end DirectoryPhotos portion. So if you also have DirectoryPhotos plugin portion and a new member loads the reviews from the front end on their Photos tab, the Yelp reviews will now come with an author. We are basically using a slow pull allowed by the manual front end process to avoid Yelp issues, and to overcome an Outscraper limitation for Yelp that we cannot do in bulk on the Import backend tool. You can also fix existing reviews, but the member itself must be opened and the "Reload data" button must be clicked on each profile.

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