What are the DirectoryImport Terms of Service?

The DirectoryImport plugin is a tool which allows you to create listings on your directory by loading data from Google, Yelp and Outscraper.

Use of this plugin software requires third party API tokens to work. You acknowledge and agree that we provide access to such tools ”as is” and “as available” without any warranties, representations or conditions of any kind and without any endorsement. We shall have no liability whatsoever arising from or relating to your use of third-party tools or APIs. Any use by you of tools or API connections offered through the plugin is entirely at your own risk and discretion and you should ensure that you are familiar with and approve of the terms on which tools are provided by the relevant third-party provider(s), to include but not limited to usage requirements and any additional fee requirements. We are not liable for any harm or damages related to the purchase or use of goods, services, resources, content, or any other transactions made in connection with any third-party websites. Please review carefully the third-party’s policies and practices and make sure you understand them before you engage in any transaction. Complaints, claims, concerns, or questions regarding third-party products should be directed to the third-party.

The import process uses scraping, harvesting, or extracting process to get all the information for listings from public sites. It automates manual exporting of the data. Use of this process may involve location specific laws to your specific regional area or country. DirectoryImport always suggests you seek the counsel of an attorney in your specific area to ensure compliance with the laws in your jurisdiction.

Once you pay for this tool, our team will provide you with an account which you can use to login and use it.

The tool can be used in one directory at a time by default, but if you need to use it on more directories please contact our team to raise your directory limit.

The cost of the renewal and lifetime licenses may vary at any given time, but the payment plan you join with will be respected and left the same.

Access to this tool may be limited if you fail to renew your monthly payment (if on a monthly subscription status). Monthly plans require a one year subscription commitment as a minimum install, setup, and maintenance cost. Cancellation prior to one year will result in the remaining expected annual balance to be invoiced upon cancellation and is due upon receipt. Cancellation is allowed if upgrading to a lifetime purchase at any time.

It is possible to change from a monthly subscription to a yearly or a lifetime plan at any given time. Just reach out to our team in order to make the upgrade request.

Each individual who accesses a directory and uses the Listing Generator must have his own license. Sharing a license with other members from your team is only valid if you have written consent from us to do it.

If a directory uses this software to engage in illegal activities, our team may limit access to the software and share any necessary information with the corresponding legal authorities in the case of an ongoing criminal investigation.

Our team will never write to you requesting for personal information, your password, or your user login. Please report to us any case in which this happens so that we can investigate it.

Our team and Brilliant Directories have no ongoing partnership and are not related to one another by any direct means. Our team may help you with problems on your directory if they are related with the plugin software. Our team is also responsible for fixing any issues the software has as a result of Brilliant Directories updates, so if your software stops working don't hesitate to reach out to us on Facebook or our Contact Page.

Our team does not sell your personal data, telemetry data, usage statistics nor any of the data it processes.

Our team may use your activity data in machine learning models for generating an artificial intelligence capable of generating complete directory listings based on category structures.

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