What are the DirectoryAddons Terms of Service?

DirectoryAddons are an annual purchase. Special terms or pricing to break the cost into multiple months may be available but is simply a payment plan for the yearly cost not a month to month subscription. Terms are for one year only and either the yearly amount or monthly subscription (for 12 additional months ) will continue at the renewal date. Cancellations must be made 1 month prior to the annual renewal no matter what payment plan you are on. Cancellations made inside a month may not be able to be refunded as the requisite VIP may already have been purchased from Brilliant Directories to accommodate your renewal.

For yearly plans - DirectoryToolkit will buy a VIP subscription to place on your license. Please be advised, the license must be in control of DirectoryToolkit in order to place VIPs on your site. We are unable to sell VIPs for a domain or license within your full control. In other words the options are a license purchase only or license purchase and VIP. Any purchase later for VIP not in the original purchase will incur a $45 transferral fee that will be owed to Brilliant Directories for the transfer after the fact. That is current pricing as of the date of last update to these terms but will be invoiced at market rate charged by Brilliant Directories if different from that amount.

For monthly plans - As stated earlier, the monthly plans are simply a split purchase plan for the annual subscription. You will only be responsible for payments for 1 year, then the VIP will renew and be billed again for 12 payments for the next year of VIPs. You can officially transfer the license over to your own account at any time after it is paid or keep it with us to retain the low VIP renewal, the choice will be yours. If you have VIPs and transfer the license to your own account, the VIPs will remain with the DirectoryToolkit account, and any remaining VIPs purchased or time remaining will not transfer with the license. Since they were purchased as part of an annual commitment, any time remaining on transferred licenses will be forfeited.

Please be sure to note the add-ons like the Brilliant Directory purchase at full price is an annual commitment and cannot be refunded. If for some reason a refund or contract termination is authorized, the minimal cost that will be due is a $45 VIP transfer fee per license or VIP instance so that we can move the VIPs back to one of our standing licenses.

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