Is there a limit to how many tags we can add?

Technically no, but we recommend keeping the number low to highlight the desired post types as its effect can get confused if you add all of your post types in the results.

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Can we determine which pdf templates can be accessed by certain membership levels?

Yes, our Member Dashboard Customizer lets you create elements which can be loaded onto the dashboard for specific membership levels and in a specific location of the page.

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Is there a connection DirectoryLimits and the process in the BD Pay per Post plugin? How does the Pay per Post fit in the process?

The pay per post plugin integrates onto the DirectoryLimits seamlessly, which lets you monetize the content that your members are trying to publish. Reference the settings required in steps above to execute the logic correctly.

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Why is DirectoryImport only adding 3 Yelp reviews?

Currently the Yelp API only allows 3 reviews from its API endpoint to use in our tool.

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How many different widgets can I have for DirectoryRelated content?

You can create multiple widgets for related listing or post content to allow various settings and display styles for different locations on your directory.

What plugins use DirectorySettings plugin for configuration?

We are in process of adding all our tools for configurations into this plugin, but currently only DirectoryRelated uses this plugin.

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What Integrations does DirectoryMessaging have?

DirectoryMessaging can connect to thousands of websites with its native Zapier integration.

How do you get and use an Outscraper API Key?

Wondering how to get and integrate Outscraper API key into your website or app? We’ve made a detailed article to explain the most frequent questions.

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