How many different widgets can I have for DirectoryRelated content?

You can create multiple widgets for related listing or post content to allow various settings and display styles for different locations on your directory.

What plugins use DirectorySettings plugin for configuration?

We are in process of adding all our tools for configurations into this plugin, but currently only DirectoryRelated uses this plugin.

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What Integrations does DirectoryMessaging have?

DirectoryMessaging can connect to thousands of websites with its native Zapier integration.

How do you get and use an Outscraper API Key?

Wondering how to get and integrate Outscraper API key into your website or app? We’ve made a detailed article to explain the most frequent questions.

What are the DirectoryAddons Terms of Service?

DirectoryAddons are an annual purchase. Special terms or pricing to break the cost into multiple months may be available but is simply a payment plan for the yearly cost not a month to month subscription. Terms are for one year only and either the yearly amount or monthly subscription (for 12 additional months ) will continue at the renewal date. Cancellations must be made 1 month prior to the annual renewal no matter what payment plan you are on. Cancellations made inside a month may not be able to be refunded as the requisite VIP may already have been purchased from Brilliant Directories.

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