Is there a connection DirectoryLimits and the process in the BD Pay per Post plugin? How does the Pay per Post fit in the process?

The pay per post plugin integrates onto the DirectoryLimits seamlessly, which lets you monetize the content that your members are trying to publish. Reference the settings required in steps above to execute the logic correctly.

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Why is DirectoryImport only adding 3 Yelp reviews?

Currently the Yelp API only allows 3 reviews from its API endpoint to use in our tool.

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Why do my Yelp reviews not have authors?

Yelp authors must be added with the DirectoryPhotos plugin add-on from the front end per listing since the author is not included in the bulk upload API response for Yelp from the bulk scraping tool..

What types of content does DirectorySlider work with?

DirectorySlider works with existing listings or posts in your directory or now add a custom slide with your own images!

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Do the DirectoryPopup forms provide integrations with e-marketing platforms?

Yes, we provide direct integrations with over 30 popular e-marketing platforms, including MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Platformly, GetResponse, and many others. Also we provide integration with Zapier, which offers further integration with more than 2000 apps.

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